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Metaphysical meaning of Joshibiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Joshibiah (mbd)
Joshibiah (A. V., Josibiah), josh-i-bi'-ah (Heb.)--seat of Jehovah; whom Jehovah causes to dwell; Jehovah enthrones; whom Jah causes to abide.

A Simeonite, father of a prince of Simeon (I Chron. 4:35).

Meta. Obedience to, and therefore conscious oneness with, Jehovah, I AM, Christ (seat of Jehovah, whom Jehovah causes to dwell, Jehovah enthrones). Joshibiah, at this stage of individual unfoldment, simply signifies a recognition and inner acknowledgment of the Truth; it has not as yet been worked out in actuality.

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