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Metaphysical meaning of Jehiel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jehiel (mbd)
Jehiel, je-hi-el (Heb.)--God lives; God makes alive; God is the preserver of life; God restores life; life of God.

The name of several Israelites, most of them Levites, of the priesthood (I Chron. 15:18; 23:8; 27:32; II Chron. 21:2; 31:13; 35:8; Ezra 8:9; 10:2, 21).

Meta. Much the same as Jehiah: the true thoughts (Israelites) in us that recognize God as life and the author of life for man. God is life, and He cannot will, or be the cause of, anything less than the fullness of eternal life to His offspring--mankind. Jehiel refers more to this truth; Jehiah, taking on the form of "Jehovah," signifies expression of the truth for which the name stands.

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