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Metaphysical meaning of Jedaiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jedaiah (mbd)
Jedaiah, je-da'-iah (Heb.)--praise Jehovah; celebrate Jah; profession of Jehovah; confess Jehovah; hand of Jehovah; executive power of Jehovah.

a An Israelite of the tribe of Simeon (I Chron. 4:37). b Israelitish priests (I Chron. 9:10; 24:7; Neh. 11:10; 12:7). c One who helped to rebuild Jerusalem's wall (Neh. 3:10).

Meta. The Israelitish men by this name signify one's high spiritual thoughts of greatly increased executive power, or the ability to decide matters and to do things, in the manifest as well as in the unmanifest or consciousness (hand of Jehovah, executive power of Jehovah), by acknowledgment of one's true, spiritual I AM, Jehovah, or Christ (confess Jehovah, profession of Jehovah, praise Jehovah).

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