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Metaphysical meaning of Jebus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jebus (mbd)
Jebus, je'-bus (Heb.)--trodden down; trampled under foot; a threshing floor conquered; subjected; utterly subdued, laid waste; contemptuous; profaned; polluted.

The original name of Jerusalem (Judg. 19:10; I Chron. 11:4).

Meta. The spiritual or peace center in consciousness (Jerusalem) under subjection to purely sense and carnal thoughts beliefs, and desires (the Jebusites, who were enemies inhabiting Jerusalem and the country round about, and had to be cast out, destroyed, by the Israelites).

The higher impulses and inspirations are trampled under foot and scorned by the individual who has not yet experienced a real change of heart, who has not yet given this spiritual center (Jerusalem, the heart center in the organism) over to the control of his higher and more true and religious thoughts and desires (Israelites). When under one's error beliefs, Jerusalem is Jebus--a threshing floor--a place of contention and trial, of anything but the expression of peace and spirituality.

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