Metaphysical meaning of Jeatherai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jeatherai (mbd)
Jeatherai (A. V., Jeaterai), je-ath'-e-rai (Heb.)--whom Jehovah will lead; following Jehovah; following the steps of Jehovah; steadfast; stepping; leading; following; searching.

A Levite, son of Zerah and descended from Gershom (I Chron. 6:21). In verse 41 he is called Ethni.

Meta. The central significance of this name is a steady progress in one's seeking after Truth (stepping, following, searching). This comes about by holding faithfully (steadfast) to the inner guidance of Spirit (whom Jehovah will lead) and by keeping one's eye single to the one good as taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ (following the steps of Jehovah).

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