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Metaphysical meaning of Jahmai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jahmai (mbd)
Jahmai, jäh'-mai (Heb.)--whom Jehovah guards; whom Jah protects; enveloped by Jehovah; joined in affinity of Jah; warmth of Jehovah; heat of Jah.

Son of Tola and grandson of Issachar (I Chron. 7:2).
Meta. The heated condition that usually accompanies very active zeal (Issachar). Every person should guard and protect his zeal faculty by consciously dwelling in the I AM understanding, love, and power (whom Jehovah guards, whom Jah protects), that it may be directed aright and so caused to work always for one's highest good. One should see to it that one is always zealous in that which is constructive, uplifting, unifying, and good. When one's zeal is used to destroy, it becomes contentious and in the end reacts disastrously on one. This is the case even if one is zealously fighting against that which appears to be evil; hence the words of Jesus Christ, "Resist not him that is evil" (Matt. 5:39).

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