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Metaphysical meaning of Ishbak (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ishbak (mbd)
Ishbak, ish'-bak (Heb.)--leaving; forsaking; freeing; emptying; exhausting.

Son of Abraham, by Keturah, and founder of an Arabian tribe (Gen. 25:2).

Meta. The transitoriness of human ambition and its results. The achievements attained by human ambition are not permanent; they will pass away. (A tribe of Arabians was descended from Ishbak; Arabians represent undisciplined, roaming, unproductive thoughts.)

The meanings of the names of the six sons of Abraham and Keturah point to divided thought; they are partly good and partly of the sense mind--limited. The descendants of these sons became enemies of the Israelites. While the trend of thought that they represent may be helpful in degree to the natural man at a certain stage of his unfoldment, the time comes when they must be released from one's mind, that the real, true thoughts and activities (Israelites) may have full sway in the consciousness.

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