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Metaphysical meaning of Hoham (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hoham (mbd)
Hoham, ho'-ham (Heb.)--whom Jehovah stirs up; whom Jah impels; whom Jehovah incites; being of them; woe to them.

King of Hebron who joined Adonizedek king of Jerusalem in an attack on the Israelites who had come into Canaan to possess the land. These kings were defeated and were hanged by Joshua (Josh. 10:3, 22-27).

Meta. As Adonizedek represents the sensate idea of justice, which in unredeemed man rules in Jerusalem, the heart center, so Hoham signifies a similar error idea ruling in the seat of conscious thought, Hebron, the front brain. If Hoham were an Israelite the significance would be good--life universal and true--but as he was a heathen king, the influence of the carnal mind is brought into play. Thus the life thought is materialized, degraded, and becomes the expression of a calamitous existence: woe, tribulation, misfortune (woe to them).

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