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Metaphysical meaning of Hassenuah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hassenuah (mbd)
Hassenuah (in A.V. Hasenuah in I Chronicles 9:7; Senuah in Nehemiah 11: 9), has-se-nu'-ah (Heb.)--the thorny; the bristling; the pointed; the violating; the hateful.

a A Benjamite (I Chron. 9:7). b A man by this name is mentioned in Nehemiah 11:9. His son, Judah, was second over the city.

Meta. An active faith thought (Benjamite) in consciousness, which works direct to the point (the pointed) in seeking to establish the individual in Truth. But there must be a lack of love, the harmonizing element, in the activity of this thought; it is thorny and bristling in its manner, and is looked upon as hateful and harsh (the violating) by the thoughts, tendencies, and habits that are not in line with Truth.

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