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Metaphysical meaning of Harosheth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Harosheth (mbd)
Harosheth, ha-ro'-sheth (Heb.)--a work; working, i.e., in wood or stone; engraving; place of workers; place of craft; magic; enchantment.

"Harosheth of the Gentiles" was the city in which lived Sisera, captain of the hosts of Jabin, king of Canaan (Judg. 4:2).

Meta. A group of thoughts in consciousness that belong to the sense or seemingly mortal mind in man (Gentiles). By means of a phase of animal intelligence and instinct (Jabin) that rules in this group of thoughts, it is raised to a semblance of supernatural power (magic, enchantment) and to great skillfulness (place of craft, working, i.e., in wood or stone, engraving, place of craft). Its dominating, executive idea, however, is the intellectual aggressiveness that Sisera (meaning battle array, ready for war) signifies. Therefore this state of consciousness that Harosheth stands for is actively opposed to the more peaceful and true thoughts that the Israelites symbolize.

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