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Metaphysical meaning of Girgashite (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Girgashite (mbd)
Girgashite (A.V., Genesis 10:16, Girgasite), r'-ga-shlte (fr. Heb.)--of or belonging to that which is dense; condensed; palpable; marshy ground.

A primitive Canaanitish tribe of which almost nothing is now known. This tribe was descended from Canaan, one of the three sons of Noah (Gen. 10:16), and was among the enemies, in the land of Canaan, that the Israelites were to drive out (Gen. 15:21; Josh. 3:10).

Meta. The very material (dense condensed) state of thought that unawakened man holds concerning himself and especially concerning his seemingly material organism. He thus builds up a consciousness that cannot abide, because it is not established in Truth.

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