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Metaphysical meaning of En-hakkore (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of En-hakkore (mbd)
En-hakkore, en-hak'-ko-re (Heb.)--fount of the crying aloud; the crier's fountain; fount of the proclamation; the caller's fount; fount of the invocation; fountain of the emphatic prayer.

The place where God brought water out of the jawbone for Samson to drink, in response to Samson's prayer to Jehovah for water to quench his thirst (Judg. 15

Meta. The positive affirmative prayer, or demand, that results in a quickening of new life in consciousness (fount of the crying aloud, fountain of the emphatic prayer), the effect of this quickening being renewed vitality, strength, wholeness, and inspiration.

The water that Samson drank sprang out of "the hollow place that is in Lehi" (the jawbone, margin). Samson had just used the jawbone of an ass to slay a thousand Philistines. The jawbone represents determination, endurance, strength. Determination, strength of purpose, and endurance enable one to overcome the rule of the senses in oneself, and if given over to the affirming of new life and Truth through Jehovah, the indwelling Christ, it brings about the desired quickening and restoring of the whole man.

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