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Metaphysical meaning of Elteke (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Elteke (mbd)
Elteke (A.V., Eltekeh, el'-te-ke (Heb.)--observance of God; reverence of God; fear of God; God's observance, i.e., care.

A city in Canaan that was allotted to the Israelitish tribe of Dan and was given over to the Levites of the children of Kohath (Josh. 21:23). The name is spelled Eltekeh in Joshua 19:44.

Meta. Judgment (signified by Dan) is often looked upon by the outer man as punishment sent to him by a personal God because of his sins; thus he fears God (fear of God). As man unfolds, however, and begins to understand judgment and justice in a clearer light, he reverences divine law and ceases to fear. This reverence and worship of the one Mind, Spirit, leads to a conception of the loving care of God for mankind. Thus the individual experiences more and more of grace and mercy in judgment, and less of seeming punishment.

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