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Metaphysical meaning of Edrei (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Edrei (mbd)
Edrei, ed'-re-l (Heb.)--strong; mighty; armed; fortified; sown; seeded. (The idea of the definitions sown and seeded is from the broad, strong sweep of the arm in sowing.)

a A city of Bashan, where the remnant of the Rephaim lived; this place was conquered by the Israelites under Moses and was given to Manasseh for an inheritance (Josh 12:4-6). b A fortified city of Canaan that was allotted to Naphtali (Josh. 19:37).

Meta. A fixed state of consciousness, or aggregation of nerve cells, established in life and substance (see BASHAN), whose dominant idea is strength and might.

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