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Metaphysical meaning of Beulah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Beulah (mbd)
Beulah, beu'-lah (Heb.)--married.

A name given by Isaiah to the land and nation of Israel, and signifying the perfect union with God to which the sraelites would return (Isa. 62:4).

Meta. The rich and happy state of the individual who has entered into conscious union with the Divine; or one in whom the marriage of the Lamb has taken place, the raising of the whole consciousness to a perfect and complete oneness with the central I AM or indwelling Christ. We also speak of the "marriage of the Lamb" as the lifting up and unifying of wisdom and love in individual consciousness. When this spiritual marriage has taken place, the condition of the individual is indeed blessed, rich, and full.

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