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Metaphysical meaning of Beth-aven (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Beth-aven (mbd)
Beth-aven, beth-a'-ven (Heb.)--house of vanity; house of iniquity; house of nothingness; house of calamity; house of trouble; house of idols.

A city, or town, near Bethel (Josh. 7:2; Hos. 4:15; 10:5, 8). Bethel is also said to have been nicknamed Beth-aven after Jeroboam had made it the chief seat of the worship of the golden calf. (See I Kings 12:25--13:10.)

Meta. See AVEN for the significance of Beth-aven, since apparently they are the same place. Beth-aven, in the case of Bethel's being called by this name, refers to the vanity of worshipping gold, money, or the outer, material thought about substance.

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