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Metaphysical meaning of Aroer (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Aroer (mbd)
Aroer, ar'-o-er (Heb.)--ruins; desolation; barren; bare; naked; inclosed.

The name of three or four cities and towns in Palestine (Num. 32:34; Josh. 13:16; I Sam. 30:28). One of these towns had been taken from the Amorites; it was situated on the north side of the river Arnon (Deut. 4:48).

Meta. Those seemingly empty, waste, despairing states of thought into which one gets occasionally, states wherein everything looks dark and bare and there appears to be no way to the fulfillment of the good that one is seeking to demonstrate (ruins, desolation, naked). In such a time one needs more than ever to be strong and of good courage. One should hold faithfully to the abundant substance, strength, joy, and overcoming power of Spirit, so that the thought aggregations represented by the cities named Aroer may be built up and established in Truth.

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