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Metaphysical meaning of Ar (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ar (mbd)
Ar, är (Heb.)--a city (especially a fortified city); a strong city; to excite, arouse, an enemy.

The chief city and capital of Moab. It often stands for the whole of Moab (Num. 21:28).

Meta. An aggregation of strongly established thoughts (a strong city) in the carnal mind (Moab). It is the seat of, the activities of the carnal mind--of the seemingly inherent baseness and depravity in one who has given himself over to sensuality (to excite, arouse, an enemy). When an individual is awakened to the understanding that he is a son of God, that his body is God's temple, and that he is inherently good instead of evil, the overthrow of Ar of Moab is at hand. (See Isa. 15:1.)

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