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Metaphysical meaning of Appaim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Appaim (mbd)
Appaim, ap'-pa-;m (Heb.)--breathing places; two nostrils; countenance; face; presence; two persons; comprehension; apprehension; passion; anger.

Son of Nadab, and a descendant of Jerahmeel, who was the head of an important family of the tribe of Judah (I Chron. 2:30, 31).

Meta. The ability to face apparent facts and conditions squarely, and to originate (nostrils, nose--initiative capacity of the mind) or inaugurate new thoughts and modes of conduct, new rules of action, in order to bring about better conditions.
Appaim also signifies the ability to detect, discern, or comprehend (breathing places, nostrils, comprehension) the divine presence and understanding (face, countenance, referring to understanding)

In the significance of Appaim there is a thought of duality (two nostrils, two persons). This suggests an outer as well as an inner source of discernment and knowledge. When man trusts to the outer senses for his information, he is under the dominion of the sense mind, wherein apprehension, passion, and anger find place and darken his true understanding.

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