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Metaphysical meaning of Aphek (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Aphek (mbd)
Aphek, a'-phek (Heb.)--strong; holding firm; tenacious; fortress.

The name of three or four fortified cities in Israel (Josh. 13:4; 19:30;Kings 20:26; II Kings 13:17). They were places that belonged to the enemies of the Israelites, or where these enemies --the Assyrians, Philistines, and others --encamped against Israel in battle, time after time.

Meta. The apparent ability of error states of consciousness in man to stay with him. From a sense standpoint the thoughts and states of consciousness that comprise the carnal mind are very deep-seated and are strongly fortified. It is only by the positive power of the I AM or Christ dominion that they can be overcome.

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