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Seven reasons to circulate your stuff through the TruthUnity Library

  1. Martha Giudici is right about cleaning out your bookshelf (clip 32)
  2. You like seeing Unity materials freely shared over the Internet
  3. Ernest Wilson is right about putting things back into circulation (clip 90)
  4. You always wanted to see a "Half Price Books" for Unity materials
  5. The "Pay What You Wish" pricing lets you give freely and it lets you receive freely.
  6. You have a special Unity manuscript, book, photo or other item that needs to be digitized and freely shared and you want to see it out on TruthUnity
  7. You want to support TruthUnity Ministries

Sharing Resources

Do you have Unity or New Thought books, tapes, memorabilia, pamphlets, tracts, pictures, letters, etc. that can enrich the spiritual lives of others? Then why not share them with others here on TruthUnity?

Part of our TruthUnity mission to "assemble and publish an open library of classic Unity materials." That is why I spend so much time in the Unity Archives. But not all of our treasures in Unity are at Unity Village; much of our rich heritage can be found all over the world in closets and bookshelves that need to be cleaned out.

So I ask you to share what you have stashed away. Please send to me some of your collection of Unity stuff. Circulation of good is a Unity prosperity principle. Here is what we're looking for.

Not everything that is sent to me may be made available on TruthUnity, but my pledge is to do my best to digitize and share as many of the special items you may send as I am able. I'll acknowledge you as the donor and I'm happy to return to you anything you are willing to lend, but not give away.

Receiving Resources

What has been donated will be saved in our Library, sold to raise funds or made available here to anyone for a free-will offering.

In the sidebar you will see a list of currently available resources that you can have at a price you think is fair. If you would like one of these items, click on it and follow the prompt to send me a notice and then send TruthUnity your offering. I've been asked why not just lend things out? It's too complicated. Just buy what you want and if you no longer want it, then just send it back to me.

Please be generous and make this worthwhile — I aspire to devote my full-time attention to TruthUnity and your contribution will let me put out even more resources. And please add in a fair amount for the packaging, postage and the trip to the post office.

As a non-profit ministry, we can't be in the business of buying and selling books. But as a New Thought ministry, we should be in the business of circulating the rich Substance that has come to us.

May we all enthusiastically affirm "Freely I have given, freely I receive."