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BI-605 Metaphysical Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures

Metaphysics and the Bible

This class introduces the Bible in its inner or spiritual meaning as a record of the experiences and the development of the human soul and the whole being of man. The Scriptures are unveiled through individual metaphysical interpretation of the names of people, places, and things, numbers, archetypes, and any other symbols, etc., as they are connected with the activity of humankind. By studying these symbols we open to our inner guidance for our spiritual journey of self-discovery and learning.

Clip from our 2010 class held at Mozarts
on Town Lake, Austin

We expect this to be a small class, so think of it more like a mentored study group. Registration will be on UCOH website ($60) and on the Unity website for credit ($45). Email me if you want to participate so I know how many are coming.

  • Dates: May 10,11,12,16,17 (Tue, Wed, Thu, Mon, Tue)
  • Time: 7am-9am (MORNING CLASS!)
  • Place: Corner Bakery Cafe, 9761 Great Hills Trail, Austin, TX 78759 (NOT AT UCOH!)
What we will do in this class:

We have 10 hours for this class. In the first hour we go over things everyone needs to know about how to metaphysically interpret the Bible.

In the next eight hours we have a conversation about eight well-known Bible stories. So, even if you don't know anything about Hebrew scripture or the Bible at all, you should wind-up being familiar with eight good stories and having a sense of what they mean to you and others in the class. Please read these stories before the class. If you click on the links, you will see in the upper right of each page there are links to reference material, such as Mysteries of Genesis. Here are the stories:

  1. The Fall of Humankind — Genesis 3
  2. Cain and Abel — Genesis 4
  3. Abraham’s near sacrifice of Isaac — Genesis 22:1-14
  4. Jacob’s Ladder — Genesis 28:10-22
  5. Moses and the Burning Bush — Exodus 3
  6. The Golden Calf — Exodus 32
  7. David and Goliath — 1 Samuel 17:39-52
  8. The Fiery Furnace — Daniel 3

In the final hour of the class, we take time to complete the written assignment. So, with a little focus, you may leave the last day having completed the course requirements.

Required materials:
  • New Revised Standard Version Bible (NRSV). Suggested text is: New Interpreter's Study Bible
  • Metaphysical Bible Dictionary (there are plenty to borrow from UCOH lending library) or a laptop with WIFI