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Where your power really lies

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How the hand will train the heart

Hi Friends -

This post is asking those of you in the United States to click here and fill out a form that composes a letter to your member of Congress, asking him or her to endorse legislation that provides debit cards to parents of poor children so that they can purchase food that their kids would have got at school if the schools were open.

Three things will happen once you click send. First is that your member of Congress will know that a constituent cares about kids who are hungry. Second, the organization that is promoting this campaign will know that you care about such kids and their hunger.

But, third, and most important, your power as a spiritual being will become activated, or quickened, as we say in Unity. And the power we’re speaking about is your spiritual power to image and draw out into manifestation the good in life. And your image of the good in life is your understanding of the teachings of Jesus. And your capacity to draw that good out into manifestation is your ability to clothe your image with God-given substance according to your capacity to pray.

You are a metaphysical Christian, which means that you practice a positive and progressive form of Christianity based on the teachings of Jesus and the practice of prayer.

It can begin, as I say, with the practice of writing a letter on behalf of another. Being an advocate. Using the voice. Speaking Truth to power. Writing a letter to a person of authority on behalf of hungry children is a practical, positive and progressive form of Christian witness and, it seems to me, since you have found yourself this moment reading this post then most likely you are called to exactly that type of spiritual work.

Years ago a rabbi in Shreveport, Louisiana advised me that the reason letter writing is so powerful is that the hand that writes the letter can train the heart. I am here now to advise you, as Emilie Cady advised you 120 years ago, to quit reading so many books. Your power lies within you. Write a letter on behalf of hungry kids. It will open your heart and put your soul in its right place with God and the children of our world.

Letter from Fritz
Click to open a letter from Fritz

How do I know this works? How can it be possible that we can bring about wholeness, empowerment and prosperity for children while we as individuals have so much spiritual unfoldment left to do? How can we know that our power lies in our words, our speech, our voice, even when our faith, our hope and our capacity to love remains less that perfect? How is it that our hand has power to train our heart?

Because of the simple letter you see here that came to me today (October 1, 2020). Click on it to read it. It’s a simple letter from a friend who works for Bread for the World, a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad.

You see this letter campaign has been going on for the past few months. And I’ve played a little trick on you, because the letter shares that today, the day of the infamous Presidential debate in Washington, when things appear so hopeless in government, both parties in Congress have agreed to provide these debit cards to parents of hungry children, just as the letter writing asked.

The fact is that this organization, Bread for the World, has been using the power of the word in a practical demonstration of positive and progressive Christian witness since the mid 1970s. Millions of lives have been saved and billions of people have been made whole, empowered and prospered by people like you and I using the power of our word, advocating for better nutrition for the world’s poor.

Metaphysical Christianity has got it right. Our power lies in our word. And the power of the word works. Or, as Johnnie Colemon would say, it works if you work it.

I hope you will fill out this letter anyway. I hope that you will allow your hand to write letters on behalf of hungry children, I hope that the power of your voice is heard in Washington, I hope that hungry children are fed, I hope that your hand will train your heart and I hope that your heart is opened.

Mark Hicks
Friday, October 2, 2020