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Gospels Introduction

Gospels Introduction
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A Spiritual Interpretation of the Gospels

As taught by:
Unity School for Religious Studies
Unity Village, MO 64065


In this course we shall follow the outline of the book Your Hope of Glory by Elizabeth Sand Turner. Our metaphysical definitions will be from the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary. The actual Bible texts will be from the Revised Standard Version.

In Your Hope of Glory Mrs. Turner combines history with metaphysical interpretation, as she does in Let There Be Light. In this course we shall deal only with interpretation. Although we shall constantly be referring to the historical Jesus, the lessons are concerned only with the metaphysical meanings.

"Jesus represents God's idea of man in (relative) expression; Christ is that idea in the absolute." (M.B.D. p. 345)

In this course we shall interpret Jesus as: SPIRITUAL AWARENESS AWAKENED AND ACTIVE IN MAN. This will be constant. When the lesson is dealing with the Christ in the absolute, we shall use the word Christ. When the lesson is dealing with the person of Jesus, it will always be in the context of His representing spiritual awareness in man.