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Lyman Abbott — What Christianity Means to Me

What Christianity Means to Me Cover

Mark Hicks

Hi Friends -

This is a wonderful read by someone who had immense influence on American culture and, indirectly, influence on the development of New Thought and Unity. It was published in 1921, toward the end of his career.

Twenty-three years earlier, in 1898, Lyman Abbott gave a lecture called The Supernatural. Much of the content in that lecture has been incorporated into What Christianity Means to Me.

The content in The Supernatural will resonate well with metaphysical Christians. So I have made a special scan of the lecture and reformatted it in a PDF that you can print out as a booklet. The page and downloadable booklet has a 3-page preface by me explaining why the lecture is important to all Christians, but especially metaphysical Christians in New Thought and Unity. I hope you will click over, read the preface and choose to print out and study his lecture. Go here to get a copy and printable booklet of The Supernatural by Lyman Abbott.

Download PDF of the 1921 edition of What Christianity Means to Me (thanks to the Internet Archive.)