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Biblical Favorites by Jim Lewis

Biblical Favorites Cover

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Biblical Favorites takes a thorough new look at some of the most beloved stories and personalities in the Bible. The fruitage of much inner contemplation by the author, these portraits, commentaries and explorations invite the reader to examine his/her own spiritual life, and issue a challenge for a greater surrender of old concepts and limiting beliefs.

On the raising of Lazarus: “It must have been quite a surprise and a shock for them to see Lazarus come out of that tomb. Jesus then said, ‘Loose him and let him go.’ We too need to be released, released in consciousness from our human conceptions about life and death . . . The truth is, death is an unnatural experience and was brought about by man, not by God.”

On the 23rd Psalm: “The Shepherd knew where the green pastures were and led the sheep to them. Our inner Lord knows where our green pastures are arid, if we will let Him, He will lead us to them.”

On Ruth: “The attitude of love and commitment of Ruth toward Naomi is the type of love and commitment that we should have toward our own indwelling Lord. Many are so busy seeking for meaning and purpose and solutions out in the world of things that they do not take the time to search for real meaning within their own consciousness . . . W should say to ou Lord as Ruth affirmed, ‘Wherever thou goest, I will go.’

Biblical Favorites will help stretch the minds and open wide the hearts of those who sincerely want to know the truth that leads to spiritual freedom.

   — From the Back Cover

© 1985, Jim Lewis
All rights reserved by the author.
Reprinted with permission.