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Silent Unity Christmas 1982

James Dillet Freeman

1982 Silent Unity Christmas

Written and Narrated by James Dillet Freeman

In the first segment, Jim Freeman says:

I don't believe that anywhere in the world is Christmas celebrated in a way truer to the Spirit of Christ. In a world where there is so much that is alien to the Christmas Spirit, Silent Unity has cherished it from year to year. We keep it not only for ourselves, but for all those who cannot keep it. When we keep Christmas, we are keeping a light alive ... a spiritual light, that must never be allowed to go out. Celebrated at the year's ebb, in winter's darkest days, Christmas is man's answer to all darkness, his jubilant, triumphant answer. Christmas in Silent Unity proves that it's not the outward form but the inward spirit that counts, for in this, in the Christmas spirit, Silent Unity abounds ..."


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