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Frank and Martha Giudici


We invite you to join us in an experience that can change your life. We feel that everyone wants to live a happy, successful life—including you! But the question that seems to be uppermost in everyone’s mind is “How can this be done?” Well, that’s the subject of this workshop. What you will hear and read in these lessons is a practical approach to attaining success and happiness in all areas of the life experience through the use of definite techniques, including creative meditation.

The basic theme that we put forward is that successful living can be experienced through greater self-awareness in four basic areas of the life experience. These are prosperity, health, human relationships (which have to do with love), and eternal life. Upon examination it would appear to us that all the experiences we have in life, be they positive or negative, can be categorized into one or a combination of these four basic areas. In other words, in everything we do we are dealing with some aspect of prosperity, health, human relationships (love), or eternal life.

Our task, then, becomes one of achieving a greater consciousness of these four areas of the life experience and of the unexpressed potential for good to be found therein. The basic law of the universe is that everything moves from the within to the without, from consciousness to manifestation. Therefore, in order to experience greater prosperity, improved health, more loving, fulfilling personal relationships, and a deeper conviction of the eternal quality of life, we must first increase our awareness of these four significant areas. Once we see the necessity for this we find that life becomes a kind of “balancing act” in which we are ever at work attempting to “get together” our consciousness of these areas. It may be that we are doing well in some areas, but not so well in others. For instance, some people are wealthy but not healthy. Others may be poor financially but have many friends. All of us can identify with similar situations in our personal life that involve various combinations of the four basic areas of consciousness. But also, all of us have the power within us to make whatever adjustments are necessary so that a balanced consciousness and a resultant successful life may be attained.

We now joyfully and expectantly invite you to join us as we move into a greater experience of happy, successful living through self-awareness. In the instruction that is presented in this workshop we ask you to remember that God in you, your own built-in spark of the divine, is your true teacher.

“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”