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Sunday morning, July 30, Year Unknown

In the Bible, 2 Chronicles, 34th Chapter, it is written that Josiah, King of Judah, restored this worship in the temple after it had been neglected about 70 years. It seems that the Jews had gone into idol worship. They were following after the religions of heathens—so-called Chaldeans, Assyrians—and worshipped Baal instead of Jehovah. Under the direction of Ashur, King of Syria, this, the old Jewish worship, was restored. The temple was repaired, and the Book of the Law found. It seems that money had been collected for the repairing of the temple, and when they took the money out to pay the workmen, they found in the bottom of the chest this manuscript of the old Bible. I presume that it did not include all we have here, but probably Deuteronomy. About 800 years before this time, Moses had been given the Law, and it had been used by the Jews in their various temples and synagogues, but it was left to the priests the reading and interpretation of the Bible.

We, in this day, can hardly realize, with the millions of Bibles in circulation, and the millions being printed every year, the dearth of sacred literature in that day, when every manuscript had to be copied by hand. We are told that Luther never saw a Bible until he was about 20 years old. It was only in the monasteries that they had Bibles and they were written on parchment.

All this history is subjective. It makes but little difference in reality to us what the Jews had or didn’t have. It is interesting to know how we have come into a broader knowledge, but so far as the real benefit to us, there is little in reading history unless you get at the real inner scripture. This, to us, is symbolical, and the names connected with the Book of the Law is a revelation. We find that Hilkiah, the High Priest, represents a certain phase of consciousness in the individual—one of the egos. We get a key to this from one of the recent discoveries in the construction of man. It is found that man has numerous egos—that there is one dominant ruling ego in every one of us, but in subjective consciousness there are many others striving to get the rule. Josiah was the ruling ego in this case, and the other personalities mentioned there were subjective.

We are told that experience in mental science, that by putting the dominant ego in one asleep, they can bring to consciousness the subjective ego. I read the other day of a young lady on whom the hypnotist was experimenting, and he found that she had three different egos. By putting the dominant ego to sleep, the others took possession of the body of the girl. One was a very good little girl, very religious; another was a very naughty little girl, who wanted to do mischief; and I forgot what the other was. They were all characteristic of the ones we meet in everyday life. They all claimed they were the real thing. Each one claimed to be the ruler in consciousness, if they had a chance. You don’t have to search yourself very long to find that these are in you—that these rule if they have the chance. Where do these come from? They are subjective egos. Man is like a great temple filled with people. There is a mass of cells and we are told that every cell in our organism has an identity. You can’t have life without a certain identity. Every experience that we have, every life we see, has made an ego. All our religious experiences have made a religious ego, and that is referred to here in Scripture as the High Priest. He is the one who discovered the Book of the Law, and he handed it to Shapian, the Scribe. There is a scribe in every one of us.

You will find that when you sit down to write a letter you will be in another state of consciousness than when you are doing housework. There is a man of business, of affairs, and that is a different state of consciousness than when you get down on your knees to pray.

So we find that as we study man each one of the characteristics of the inner temple is revealed to us. Now this refers to some phase of development within us, and this gives us a key, and we say at once, “This gives me an idea and through this I am going to get my lesson.” As we go on we find every Scripture, every lesson, refers to the individual. We see that there is a law of being, and it is written deep down into the very essence of all things. When once man finds the Law, he has a guide, something that will direct him in all his ways. We don’t have to pray to some outside power for guidance. We don’t have to make laws for ourselves or for others, but look within and there we find the Law.

But supposing that for 70 years you have neglected the Law. It may be for less time than that, only seven years. Doesn’t it get covered with dust, debris, etc.? It becomes gradually less and less conscious to your active ego, and the Book of the Law is absolutely forgotten. We are told that these Jews went 70 years without knowing they had a Law. They had forgotten that they had a Jehovah. Some of you may have forgotten that you had a God. You have lived your life without any Supreme Law, and you don’t know that down deep in your consciousness there is an original revelation from Jehovah, the I Am that I Am.

There is, then, a Supreme Ego. These personalities which we make through our thinking are transitory, changing all the time, shuffling from one to another. Kill off these, and make you a new one. We have in mind an idea of a perfect man that was created in the beginning, and it is known as the mind of Christ, or demonstrated as Jesus Christ. The Christ-man came forth into a perfect man. When we once reach that deep understanding of this Supreme Ego, it transforms the lesser egos into one. “Be transformed by the renewing of the mind.” That is, transform yourself by the renewing of your consciousness. When you start along this line with a deep understanding, an entire change begins within your consciousness, and you will see yourself a new man. Not a man of small affairs, striving for some worldly ambition, but the one who sees the whole world, not only within himself, but within all. He sees himself as a part of that Great Law, and that Law is written within yourself. Down deep in your heart, and deeper than this, is a principle, and that principle has the Living Word of the Creator in it. When you have gotten rid of the financial idea, you set free some of the energies within you, and you will change.

The money is brought out, and under the money is found the pay. Our money represents reserved power. In every one of us, we have a great reserve force. There is force enough in the system to keep it going indefinitely if it can be put under right adjustment. The money in man is subjective energy, reserved force, which is recognition of power in the mind, and when this occurs you will feel a thrill in some part of the body. Every time you use a muscle, there is an explosion in some part of the cells, and a freeing principle of the motion of the body. This accumulates energy in the system, and if you throw your mind down into your body, this energy begins to flow, and that awakens the subjective, and you begin the awakening of this Power of the Law.

Scientists are now telling us that with an electric apparatus they can see that there is an envelope of light surrounding people. We are told that we are surrounded by an atmosphere, and that this atmosphere penetrates within and without Man. That belief has long been known to the occultist. It has been known to the Hindo as the Astral Light. It is the sensitive plate of the mind. Every thought is written upon it by the scribe. He is the subjective ego in every one of us--transcribes it upon the life. It then falls back and becomes subjective memory. In the beginning, the supreme mind wrote upon the life all of the Law, everything necessary to our growth and development, until we arrive at the full stature, Jesus Christ. But we have not believed in these things as real. We have taken them as theories. But now when the law begins to unfold from the outside, and scientists tell us there is a light around man, people wake up and say, “That is just what we have been reading in these metaphysical books.” But it doesn’t become a real living thing to us until we find it within. We continue to look on them as wonderful works, but if you don’t look within, you will fall short. We may read the scripture, and say, “How beautiful it is,” but we must have spiritual realization. It is very important that we know the law of God written upon the heart of the individual. Every one of us has a definite place. I have a universal statement of Principle just like you, but every one of us has a definite place in creation.

If, as Jesus Christ says, the very hairs of your head are numbered, are you not also numbered? Is it not intended that you do a definite work? The more I study people, the more I study myself, I find there is a definite place for everyone, and when each one finds his place, square people won’t be found working in round holes and round people in square holes. That is the trouble with the world today—they are working in places where they don’t belong.

The only way is to know the Law. The original writing. I tell you it is there. I am not talking about guesswork. It is there. So far as I am concerned these laws are there, deep down in the inner heart. I know potentially what the future is to this extent, that man has within him powers that we little dream of. He has the germ of immortal life within him here and now. He has within him a genius, a little genius in the center of the head, which, if turned loose, would help him at once to realize all of his ideals. To become a genius along any line.

He has within him the power to realize all his ideals. If you are not doing that which you should, if you are not successful in your work, it rests with you and God. The Law is there. God has not sent you into the world by chance, nor has he put you here without a guide. I tell you that guide is here, and it is a matter of recognition and use. We are told in this symbol that Josiah the king, when the High Priest told him of the Book of the Law, he became conscience-stricken. He said, “We Jews have been ignoring this law all of these years.” He immediately looked up Huldah, the prophetess, and she agreed of the sin, or falling short, of the Jews, and she also said that all the condemnations or personalities should be visited upon the people. The mind that is here within us has stored up all the thought energy. Every thought that you have makes a charge. You are charging right now, with your mind, the cells and they are changing. If you are holding good thoughts, pure thoughts, divine thoughts, you will become a divine being. But if you are charging the cells of your organism with materiality, the law will work out. As Jesus said, “Not one jot nor tittle of the law shall pass away until all shall be fulfilled.”

Huldah said, because Josiah was desiring to be repentant, he would go to the grave without witnessing the sins of the people, without these things being visited upon him. Now, it does not mean that when a king dies that his body dies, but the ruling ego is changed. It may be that when this change takes place, the High Priest becomes the ruling ego and the priest himself would become a religious man. When this change takes place, a change of consciousness goes out over the whole organism. You become conscious only of Spiritual things. We find out by experience that we are not moved by the world after we have entered into the Spirit. The transitory goes on about us, but we see it only as a dream. We say, “Is this the same world I used to live in? I cannot conceive it now. I see the play going on, but it has no more effect on me than the play I saw at the theatre last evening.”

The body goes through a transformation. It does not visit itself upon us in pain. You who have entered into the Spirit will testify that you don’t have the pains you used to have. You come into a new world. Is it not good for us to enter into this inner and not have to die to get there? It is right here, the kingdom of heaven is within you, and you know that all the law is written in heaven. The kingdom of heaven is within you. Within every one of you.

Part of your work is to make your body strong. Strength of body comes through application of the Law. You should begin making the real man; not a man of giant muscles. Real strength is deeper than that. The fact is that strength comes from the great Source and it behooves us to enter into the real strength. The shortest cut that we know is through the mind. The mind acts more quickly with spiritual ideas. Have you tried to increase your strength through holding the divine idea of Strength? If you take spiritual ideas right into the mind and hold them there for a reasonable time, the divine Law will work them out into manifestation.

Unless you speak of strength, the chances are that you will think and speak of weakness and weakness will assert itself, because the mind must have something to work upon. The mind eats ideas just the body eats food. You must know that God is your strength and when you know that, under all circumstances, you feel an inward strength and your body will respond instantly to your mind. You will be strengthened when you speak the word of strength. The more you affirm God to be your strength, the stronger you will become.

If a feeling of weakness comes, say, “God is the strength of my life.” Never give yourself up to the weak idea. Cultivate yourself up to the strength idea, and you will become strong. If you are fearful, if there is a tendency to worry and anxiety, of course it interferes with the peaceful strength. “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” You can cultivate quietness and confidence, and it will take hold of every part of your being.

Grief and sadness are weakening. You can bring all the strength out of your body in a fit of crying. Turn your weeping into joy by thinking about joyful things. A little child grows into a strong man by the joy of living. Suppose your children had habits of becoming and enjoying the sad side of life. They would not become strong. “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Right along with omnipresent strength you must cultivate joy, joy, joy. And you must also cultivate the thought of allness of God manifest in the man. That is the omnipotent capacity of man to express Divine Ideas.

Paula Schneider Transcribed by Paula Schneider on February 21, 2019.