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Jehovah Is a Tower of Strength

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Jehovah is a Tower of strength

Prov. 18:10

Address at Wednesday evening meeting of
April 20th, by Mr. Fillmore.

Subject: STRENGTH.

One of the very first questions that a child asks is "Who made me?" and of course the answer is God. The next question is "Who made God"? This latter question is seldom answered. We all find in our reaching out for the cause of things that there is a stopping place. We have to assume something. We can keep on going back in our imagination but there is place where we must stop, and that place is who that God is. We comprehend things more easily if we have something to compare them with. If we think of God as a man we cannot help but ask who made God? Who makes the man?

Man is a thing that stands out and shows that he has been created. If we can make a comparison like this, “Who made the principle of mathematics,” you say at once, “Why, the principle of mathematics must always have existed.” So God must always have existed as the Principle of being. That is the starting point of the real Science, the Science of Life, the Science that Jesus Christ taught, the Science that Paul talked about when he spoke of that one “in whom we live, move and have our being.” He was speaking of the underlying omnipresent principle of being itself.

Then the question comes, what is the character of that being? We see the manifestations of it as something that has     makes things that all seem to be fitting in their proper channels. Seem to have certain underlying laws with reference to it, and we come to the conclusion that this being has intelligence.

A story is told of an Arab who was asked, "How do you know there is a God?" and he said,

"How do I know whether it was a man or a camel that passed my tent in the night? By the footprints of course. In the same way I know that there is a God. Here are these planets and stars, the sun and moon, all in divine order. These are the footprints of God and I know that back of these footprints there must be an intelligence. There must be a mind."

Now if that mind is omnipresent it corresponds to what we call the Principal. It involves all the faculties in itself, all the ideas that we see here in expression. These things that we see generally are simply the footprints of a great and Divine Mind. Carrying this line of reasoning into the mental conditions that we find in ourselves, there comes to us step by step as we realise and use the ideas from the one mind that there are certain mental lines running out and radiating from this omnipresent principle that produce all the effects that we see about us and that being true from this principle of ideas, we can express or have whatever we desire.

Then this principle pictures all that we are. We are living in it and it is living in us, and these ideas are going back and forth, in and out and radiating, expressing or rising just according to our viewpoint: the way we think. If we desire to be full of life all we have to do is to think about life and out of this omnipresent principle we generate the life force. If we want strength, we think about strength and strength comes into expression. Then as we search a little deeper into our constitution we find that all these ideas that we have drawn cut of the Divine mind have located themselves in our bodies, and that strength has a place, it has formed itself, and all the thoughts about strength keep accumulating around that center.

Jesus Christ said that in order to get the goods of the strong man we must first bind him and then take his goods. That was really a mystical saying. The house of the strong man is the pelvic region. That is where your strength has its hold and before you can use that strength you must bind it. How do you bind the strength? By the will. That within you which says “I am master of myself, I am the master of this body, I can control my strength." Certainly you can, but people say "Oh, I am so weak." That idea of weakness shows in you a lack of understanding of the Principle of strength and you loose your strength; dissipate it, let it get out loose ends because you do not bind that strong man. You must get right down into this pelvic region and say "This strength has been dissipating itself and oozing out in various ways and I have lost control of myself. The machinery of my body has been running down because I have not bound that strong man and I have not taken his goods." He is good but if you do not direct and discipline him he is just like a wild animal.

So we read in the scripture that the name Jehovah is a tower of strength (Prov. 18:10). You can have enduring strength; strength that lasts until you are thoroughly master, when you put the "I Am " into it. Bind within yourself the strength that you are, in your present way of living, allowing to dwindle away. That you are dissipating. That man may be down there asleep, perhaps you have not awakened him. You do not know how strong you are until you concentrate your "I am" and say "I am a tower of strength." "I am strong in the strength of the spirit."

Now you will get better and quicker results, the generative force of your I AM will take possession of that strong man down in the pelvic region, if you concentrate upon him, study him, say to him how strong and wise he is, that he is not a mere bundle of sensations, but that his desire is to give you strength of character as well as strength of body; to give you a strong mind and a strong spirit.

You can build up this strength in your mind or you can let it go down and make you a prize fighter. You can lead it right out in your muscles, into your mind, or up in the spirit. All things are provided. Here is the table of the Lord waiting for you take possession. So we hear "Be ye strong in the lord and the power of His might."

Every thought of strength and every effort you have sent forth has generated strength, has set free an energy. What has become of that energy? The force has gone out, but within you there is a certain factor that when rightly directed will renew that energy within you. All those thoughts of strength are here yet and if you will go down within yourself you may find them. When you raise your arm there is a thought of strength. Where does that thought go? It stays back here in the strength man, the strong man within, and he praises every thought of strength and every exercise of strength, and those thoughts are all stored up in you. But they must be clothed for they are just thoughts of God. Clothe them with action. Think about the strength within you as now being expressed without. Say

“I am strong, active, awake, and can do my work. All things are possible to me.”

Because I feel weak in the morning is no reason I should continue to be weak. All I have to do is to go down into this interior and all at once you will wake up and before long you will find cut that you are strong. When Jesus Christ healed the paraletic he said "take up thy bed and walk." You can exercise your powers. If you want strength, keep expressing strength and after a while you will be set free. After a while you will be so strong that you will not get weak. All exhaustion is from external ideas. This inner man never gets tired. It is just the outer man. The man that has not made union with the substance, the power of the strong man.

We all have this strength within us. All we have to do is to come in contact with it.

Lisa Herklotz Transcribed by Lisa Herklotz on July 16, 2018.