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As A Man Thinketh

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Transcriber’s note:

As I was working on it, the first thing I noticed was that it simply wasn’t making any sense. Then, I noticed there were duplicate page numbers. When I printed out the transcript, I was able to make it all make sense, and I have re-ordered the pages in the pdf file in the sequence it seems to me it ought to be. [except for one random page, which I don’t think belongs in this file. I’ve included that page at the very beginning so you may do as you wish with it.] Thanks again for what you do heading up all of this so they’ll be accessible for us moving forward.

There are five pages which could comprise a talk. There are another three pages which tells a story of Abraham feeding, and then getting irritated at, a tired and hungry stranger. That story, which is about God giving Good freely, actually seems to fit into the talk, and I think it belongs within the talk. I couldn’t figure out the actual bible reference, and it’s not given. Since it seemed appropriate, I’ve gone ahead and included it where it seems to fit.

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Unidentified Fillmore text—included with “As a Man Thinketh.”

Here’s the transcript of the random page, in case anyone is looking for something this would fit:

At the very center, God lives in each heart, as an unswerving, unwavering power of faith, planting your seed thoughts in the consciousness. He who consciously dwells “in the secret of his Presence” comes into an understanding of the creative powers of the universe.

Into this “secret place of the Most High” no thought of disease or inharmony can enter. You may be fearful in the outer realms of thought, you may be fearful in the mental realms, but if you go deep within there is abiding faith. In the closet of prayer the soothing, healing balm of Divine Faith pours itself out, seeking to expand and to enlarge and make alive God’s perfection in the whole consciousness. It even penetrates into the environment, bearing (end)

As a man thinketh within his heart so is he.

Proverbs 23:7

What is your opinion of yourself today? Do you think that you are a creature of circumstances? Do you think that others can make or mar your future? As you really think within your heart, so it is with you.

Do you think that your place in the world at some future time depends upon circumstances?—that circumstances make the situation? If you believe this, so it will be. In other words, the character of your thinking makes your world.

It is true that life seems hard for many—thousands are out of work today, hardly knowing which way to turn. But is this necessary? Not if you have hold of the law of God, Men are idle, listless, waiting like dead sand upon the sea, for their ships to come in, little realizing that the power is within themselves to bring into the harbor their ships.

Every man's destiny rests within himself—no matter where you are in the scale of life today—you are master over your own life. God created you so, and God’s creations cannot be changed by anyone but yourself.

You make your own place in the future that awaits you. Believe this! Know it! Your attitude towards life, towards the future has much to do with it.

Each one within the sound of my voice knows that he lives in two worlds right now—the inner world of thought, the outer world of action. And you are learning that your inner world of thought, the inner world of thought, is the CAUSE, and that the outer world of action is the EFFECT, just as the flower is the effect of the planting of a seed.

The first step in proving that you are master over your life is to KNOW that regardless of appearances, GOD RULES. GOD RULES.

Next, God has given of himself freely—all that he has he has given to you—in this inner world of thought.

You remember of reading in the Bible, how Abraham, sitting in his doorway one Summer's day, saw a poor traveler coming down the road. The traveler was so footsore, so weary, so thirsty and so hungry, he could hardly make his way up the road. Abraham, his great heart overflowing with love, went to meet the stranger, and helped him into his home, where he gave him clear, pure, cold water to drink, and then spread out before the stranger a bountiful supply of food. The traveler so ravenously hungry, did not wait for a second bidding, but fell to eating with all his might, never returning one word of thanks to the loving Father for the food which had been given him. Abraham watched the stranger in utter amazement, and then with utter disgust. Then, with indignation he said: "You were weary and were given shelter. You were thirsty and were given to drink. You were starving and.were given food, but not one word of thanks have you returned to God for these blessings. And with this, Abraham drove him from his door. But no sooner was the traveler gone than the voice of the Lord spoke in Abraham's heart and said: "Abraham, where is thy guest?" Abraham answered and said: "I was over-zealous for thee Lord, and drove him hence."

Then said the Lord: "Abraham, for over thirty years I have allowed this man to travel up and down my earth, to breathe my air, and to eat my food. For over thirty years I have allowed the sunshine and the showers to fall upon him, yet not one word of thanks has he ever uttered. I am not overzealous for myself, Abraham, what need is there for you to be overzealous for me? If I have endured this man for over thirty years, couldnst not thee have endured him for one meal? Go, Abraham, call back thy guest.

Next: God's idea of you is GOOD. In Truth, there is nothing in all the world that he loves better than you. But you must know this. You must believe this. His great, tender, fatherly love enfolds you. He is working every way he can to bring you into your own. All of God's gifts are yours—his talents, his beauty, his feelings, his imagination, his purity, the possibilities of the highest heaven are yours. God's gifts are yours.

When you know that God is for you—nothing will even try to work against you. There is a law back of this, as eternal as God is eternal.

Now, how do you make your place in the world? First get the consciousness that God is working for you, that you are in partnership with God—that his guiding light and love are with you.

Then, begin right where you are to make your world. You have learned to love God. Now, you must learn to love your fellow man. Right here among yourselves, each one has his place, you have a society of your own. Now, God is whispering in each heart: "He that is greatest among you shall be your servant.” The greatest among you right now is the one who serves best. No matter where you are, if you carry this thought of “service”—that you are here to serve God—to serve your fellow men, your place is open for you-- you shall be exalted to a high place. There is a law back of this that is as eternal and as sure as God is sure.

Right here among yourselves, you think a loving thought. That thought connects you with loving souls the world round. You do deeds of service. You unfold your skill, your talents. This is all making your place for you in the world. There is no such thing as time or distance or opportunity with God, and you are in partnership with God. Thoughts seek and claim their kind. It links one with those who are thinking similar thoughts, doing similar deeds. Whatever you do in the secret of your chamber is known to God, and you are in partnership with God. Just as the pansy blossom is the effect of planting the pansy seed, so your place in this world is the effect of your own thinking. Watch well your thoughts today.

It is possible for you here in this institution to inaugurate such a movement of loving service that the whole world will wake up and take notice—it is possible for you to set an example for the whole world—by silently following the guidance of your own indwelling Lord, by being obedient and patient. You can stamp this thought of loving service on the very atmosphere, so that any one coming into this institution will observe it.

What will it do for you? When you have really learned the law, and have satisfied the Lord that you are genuine, it will throw open prison doors, throw open your place in the world—your place which no other can possibly fill.

Nita Strauss Transcribed by Nita Strauss on July 24, 2018.