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Youth Magazine

Youth Magazine Gallery Graphic

I did not know that Unity had once published a monthly magazine entitled "Youth". The earliest copy I have here is the May 1930 issue and the last copy is the October 1933 issue. In that issue Ernest Wilson writes:

Beginning with the December issue, Youth will have a new name! It will be called Progress. We shall continue the present editorial policy, but we feel that the new name will describe the magazine better. For in­stance, young people nowadays, when they have gotten beyond the juvenile age served by our magazine Wee Wisdom, are young men and women. To many "Youth" has a disparaging implication that young people do not appreciate. Older people who are youthful in spirit, and who should be readers of Youth are sometimes deterred by the present title. Hence Progress, which suggests the true spirit of youthful, vital, happy living.

We are making many im­provements in the form of the magazine, too. It will be printed in a very modern style, on light, rough-texture paper, and be easy to read. The magazine will be much thicker in appearance. It will have a new, handsome cover.

Progress will be a magazine that you will like to share with your friends, whatever their age or creed. It will pre­sent Unity ideas in a youthful, progressive, easy style. We feel confident that you will like the changes we are making.

I will be grateful if anyone will share issues that are not covered here. Also, if you find one of the articles in these issues are special and need to be digitized, please let me know.