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Unity and Christianity — Jesus is my Wayshower, not my substitute

Jesus is my Wayshower, not my substitute

This page is a placeholder for reflection, by me at some point in the future, but also by each of us as we happen upon this page. The image of Jesus shown here is from a 2001 British documentary called Jesus: The Real Story that documents the life of Jesus using scientific and historical evidence. The BBC received quite a bit of criticism for portraying Jesus with all his human features. You might also find yourself, like me, reflecting on Jesus in his full humanness. I will add references and footnotes as they come to me in my own reflection.

to give his life a ransom for many. Matt. 20:28, Mark 10:45, I Timothy 2:5-6. Ransom to the devil, never to God. God is all good, everywhere present and He has no need to be paid. The devil, however, our lower consciousness, needs to be sacrificed. See theories of how atonement might work. New Thought rejects the satisfaction theory (Jesus is my substitute) and embraces the moral influence theory (Jesus is my Wayshower). Abelard, not Anselm. Jesus is my Wayshower, not my substitute.”