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Unity and Christianity — As we are born in bondedness, in bonding we are reborn

In bonding, we are reborn

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Hi, Friends,

When a baby is born, its first task is to learn, “To whom do I go to get my needs met?” We know this as bonding. Without bonding, nothing in life works well; life is a struggle until we bond with our human family. The same is true of our spiritual life. When we are born in the Spirit, we also must ask, “To whom do I go to get my needs met?” Our answer is we go to God. This is our spiritual bonding. The first tenet of Metaphysical Christianity is We are not born in sin; we are born in bondedness.

In the past two weeks, I have come to understand that if bonding occurs at birth, then it is also true that birth, and rebirth, occur with each experience of bonding. Without bonding, our birth is not complete. We are born and reborn all the time — through the process of bonding with others and with God. Because we bond, we are born, or reborn, into the human family and to God.

If that is true — that as we are born in bondedness, so in bonding we are born — then bonding becomes the central task of every human being. It becomes the main pathway to rebirth into a new dimension of life previously unknown. Christianity has looked to faith as the main pathway, but it just may be that in this post-modern, metaphysical era, we will come to understand bonding as a more sure way than faith for entering into kingdom living. Faith is undoubtedly essential, but more important than any statement of faith, and even what we know as the prayer of faith is what one wise teacher called Bonds of Faith.

In bonding, we are reborn.

Mark Hicks
Sunday, October 2, 2022