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EBS24: New Insight Into Healing

Eric Butterworth Speaks: Essays on Abundant Living #24

Delivered by Eric Butterworth on May 23, 1975

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Man is a spiritual being, living in a spiritual universe, governed by spiritual law. It is a whole universe, and there is in every whole a part. There is a cosmos within every chaos, an answer within every problem. There is a tree within the acorn, and the Kingdom of God is within every man.

Paul says, “Christ in you, your hope of glory.” The Christ of you is the whole of you, the seed pattern of you, the allness of you. No matter what the state of mind or condition of body, the pattern is still there. Thus, there is an Allness within every illness.

We’re not saying that there is no sickness or pain. There is a lot of sickness and certain experiences are terribly painful. To tell you that pain is not real when you are in great pain would be foolishness.

A doctor is not wrong when he gives his diagnosis—he is trained to see facts and to deal with them. His medical prognosis pertains to your present level of expression. This is good as far as it goes, but it doesn’t go far enough into the essential wholeness of man. We don’t deny the validity of medical science, but the diagnosis only tells of part of the man. Man has a body, but he is not simply a body.

It is important to note that in spiritual healing we are not dealing with an eradication of sickness—fighting off destructive elements of the physical plane. Rather, we are concerned with knowing the Truth and rising to a higher perception of our true nature so that we can accept and express the pure and perfect life and light of God.

We need to understand this thing called Life. There is a Life Force that is in and through all living things. It is constant and changeless. This Life Force particularizes the Spirit in the form of the idea in Divine Mind. Man is God expressing as man. And Life is the Divine Energy through which this idea is accomplished.

But Life does not get old or sick and life never dies. Life is whole and complete. It is not something extraneous to man that acts upon him when properly contacted. It doesn’t come and go or start and stop. And it does not step up its action through our prayer. Life is the energy through which Spirit manifests itself as us—to the degree of our conscious acceptance.

The key to health is in man’s consciousness—in his level of mental health. “There is a Spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth him understanding.” Through a process of inspiration (we might better call it inspiritation), a change of consciousness is effected and more allness is revealed. Of course, there are also the dispiriting factors of fear, worry, anxiety, unhappiness, discouragement and depression.

The body is, however, biased on the side of health, and though there are germs, viruses, and bacteria that could be harmful, there are antibody forces that keep control. When there is an inspiritation in progress, consciousness is maintained at a high level, and all is controlled. When there is dispiritation, the consciousness sinks beneath the wellness-sustaining level and illness takes root.

Faith is an inspiriting quality. When a person is experiencing illness, anything that he holds to in hope or faith has some inspiriting effect. This could be a loving friend, a trusted doctor, a minister, or even a drug. Indeed, in testing the effect of new medicines it is acknowedged that the pure effect of a drug can never be measured because of the influence exerted by belief in the drug.

The field of medicine is increasingly realizing that happy people rarely contract cancer. People who have the inspiration of fulfilling activities live longer and show fewer signs of aging. Patients who have little to live for resist most medical efforts at healing.

There is an Allness within every illness—not some of the time but all of the time. This Allness will be revealed to a greater or lesser degree according to the level of individual faith or consciousness. Anything that can lift this level will have a healing influence. One may receive this in a healing meeting with a charismatic leader like Brother Mandus, but the leader can only provide something to believe in “according to your faith is it done unto you.” Remember, even Jesus said that in Nazareth He could do no works because of their unbelief.

There is also a contagious quality in dispirited people. The comic character in Li’l Abner, Joe Btfisk, with his little black cloud following him everywhere, is of this type. Concert pianists cannot play a note when he is near, hens don’t lay, and sick people get sicker.

Many well-intended people carry the black cloud into hospital rooms where they visit friends and relatives. Doctors know that patients would be far better off having no-one call than to have negative people trooping through the wards. If you are visiting a sick person, raise your consciousness first, or stay away.

Remember, health is always the normal condition of man. You are a spiritual being right now, and you have the built-in capacity for wholeness. In this sense, God has.already done for you all that he can ever do—for He has created you whole. His will has never changed—but yours has. Prayer and treatment are helpful in changing your will, not God’s.

Prayer must relate to the wholeness of man, the Christ of him, that which Paul calls “The Lord’s body.” This is the subtle something in the seed, or that which Dr. Schreiber calls the “electro-dynamic body”—the pattern body.

The mind is more than a brain, and the heart cannot beat without life beating it. There is something non-material that determines and guides the cell renewal process. Whether you call this Vis Medicatrix Naturae or the healing power of God has no effect on its power.

Occult people talk about auras, and artists have long painted halos around divines. What about this? Science is experimenting now in methods of perceiving or sensing the aura of life, of the cell. It is thought of as something emanating from the cell, but I conjecture that the cell is more the precipitation of the light! This light is the non-material counterpart of the body, and has actually been photographed under modern infra-red processes.

The aura of you is you in a whole sense; it is the light that only partially shines through the window. We must do all that we can to expand our faith, fill our hearts with joy and thankfulness, for this is a process of inspiritation that lets the light shine through.

“Awake thou that sleepest and Christ shall shine upon thee.” This is an important key to healing. It is not something we get God to do for us, for God can do no more for us than He can do through us. God is life, whole and perfect. But we are asleep to our wholeness, living in the basement of life, concealing our Allness within our illness.

You can be healed because you are whole. Your sickness is but struggling health. Your illness is but a partial expression of your Allness.

Don’t pray for your illness, deny it. Not in the sense of saying it doesn’t exist, but in the sense of saying it is a delusion for it is not the whole of you. Deny that your illness tells the truth. Affirm your Allness. Then, get busy inspiriting yourself with faith, love, joy and gratitude.

Wherever you see life or vitality or vibrancy, identify with it. For there is a Unity of all life, and you are the same with it. Claim it is yours, and claim your perfect wholeness now. Wake up and “arise unto the Father” and you will be showered with blessings like the Prodigal Son on his homecoming. You will experience health and healing—for you have never been less than a whole creature in a whole universe.

© 1975, by Eric Butterworth

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