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EBS18: Techniques For Abundant Living

Eric Butterworth Speaks: Essays on Abundant Living #18

Delivered by Eric Butterworth on May 17, 1975

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Essentially, this new insight in Truth is a technique in realizing the abundant life. It consists of thoughts to think, words to speak, and positive and creative things to do. Below are some simple, yet practical things that you may find helpful. They are given as a sample of our emphasis on the practical. These techniques are not simply to read, but to affirm and decree in the face of challenging times. They will work for you if you work with them.

Meeting Change—The one real certainty in life is change. Because of our desire for stability and security, sometimes we resist and become anxious during changing conditions. We need to prayerfully build into our consciousness the realization that “the eternal God is Thy dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.”

Affirm: “I do not resist change, for I know that only God, the good, governs me, my circumstances, and my environment.”

Reflect: “God gives me the wisdom and strength to meet the inevitable changes that occur in my life. I meet them easily and lovingly. I may not see how changes can be a blessing, but I keep my thoughts loving, positive, and fearless. Not only has God prepared the way for me, but He has prepared me, readied me to meet each phase of life as it unfolds before me. His Spirit fills me with the faith to know that all my affairs are working together for good.”

Prosperity—We live in an opulent Universe. Supply and success are our rightful inheritance. Prosperity manifests, not by asking God for more, but by conditioning our minds through prayer to accept more of God’s good.

Affirm: “God is my all-sufficient resource. He is my instant, constant, and abundant supply.”

Reflect: “God is my supply, everywhere evenly present, and as immediately available as the air I breathe. The moment a need arises in my life, God’s infinite substance is immediately at hand to fill it. I am a child of God, and it is right and good that I manifest abundance. As God’s child, I have been given the wisdom and intelligence to bring into expression all that is needed for my well-being and comfort. God inspires me with good judgment in handling the supply that is already mine, and opens the way to greater good, greater opportunities, greater blessings.”

Healing The Heart—An expression commonly used by spiritual-minded people is “Bless your heart!” It conveys the implication that if your heart is blessed, your life will be harmonious and whole. The Scriptures say, “Keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.”

Affirm: “I am one with the one great heart that beats for all.”

Reflect: “My heart is blessed. The pure love and life of God pulsate through it in perfect rhythm and order. It is cleansed of all misunderstanding, inharmony, impurity and disease. There is perfect circulation, perfect respiration, perfect digestion going on in me constantly. My heart is not the source of life, but life is the creator of my heart. Because life is eternal activity, my heart acts in perfect unison with the even, regular, firm powerful action of life. I do not see nor fear the possibility of losing life, because I see my whole body as the evidence of life’s all-powerful presence. My heart is untroubled and unafraid, it is perfect in God’s love. I am free from tension, stress and strain. My blood pressure is normal, my pulse is steady, and my heart is strong and whole.”

Breaking Habits—All habits are acquired, not inherited. You can master and overcome any unwanted habit. It is not enough to try to break the habit because you think you should. You must really want to overcome. Work regularly with these thoughts.

Affirm: “I am a strong, decisive, confident, child of God. I am not dependent upon (cigarettes, liquor, overeating, or whatever your habit might be), for my strength or security. My faith is in God within me.”

Reflect: “God has given me Himself as my resource. He does not bestow Himself occasionally. He is my steady, eternal resource. The spirit in me is the Spirit of God, and God cannot long for anything. There is no longer anything in me that feels incomplete or inferior or insecure. My whole being is satisfied and fulfilled. I know what I want to do and be, and I have the faith to begin, the courage to keep on, and the understanding to know that what I desire and work for, I already am. I feel equal to every situation. I do not need material support or stimulation for God is my strength. I am happy in my own right, complete and perfect in my own being, divine and whole right now.”

Tranquility—Many of us live under tension and strain, stress, anger, frustration and irritation. It is possible to learn to live with a relaxed and confident spirit, to find calmness and tranquility without tranquilizers.

Affirm: “I am centered in the dynamic spirit of tranquility. I am refreshed, renewed, and at peace with life and with the world.”

Reflect: “I am serene and undisturbed as I think of my life and affairs. I am undisturbed by doubt and fear. A quiet surge of peace and power flow through me. My days are uncrowded because I do not waste energy and time in worrying. Even when active, my mind is tranquil, my heart full of patience and love. I am free from all sense of being overburdened, unappreciated. I am not irritated by weather or mistakes, or interruptions, for my emotions are attuned to the refreshing, healing, and harmonizing spirit of tranquility. I am centered in a consciousness of peace. I am refreshed, renewed, and at peace with life and with the world.”

Injustice and Inharmony—There are times when our “rights” are threatened, and where that which is ours is taken away from us. The human of us would resist and struggle, but we are told, “Resist not that which is evil, but overcome evil with good.” The way of overcoming is through “coming over” the thoughts of conflict to a higher level—to the thought of Divine Order.

Affirm: “God’s law of adjustment regulates all the affairs of my life and all things are in Divine Order.”

Reflect: “No one can take from me that which is rightfully mine. On the human level of appearances it seems that changes can lead to loss and injustice. But beyond the appearance is a level of experience where God’s Law of Adjustment is always active, turning losses into gains, revealing the Truth of “ye may have intended it for evil, but God intends it for good.” There is that in God that forever works for good as water seeks its own level. No matter what has happened, the law of adjustment is working, regulating, harmonizing, healing. There is a divine order that is always established within and beyond the experience of confusion.”

© 1975, by Eric Butterworth

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