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Why Not Be Rich? (April 2017)

Why Not Be Rich postcard from TruthUnity

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Why Not Be Rich? is a multi-media study course in prosperity, developed and taught by Martha Giudici, a legendary Unity minister. This program is special—very special—and I say that knowing full well that Unity has had many great prosperity teachers and that there are many excellent prosperity programs out there on the market.

This program can be delivered as a six-part Sunday sermon series, it can be delivered as the minister’s “prosperity class” in a Unity church, or it can be your own, individual home study. Each of the six lessons has a printable page for including in your Sunday bulletin or handing out to your class.

May you enjoy these lessons by Martha Giudici. May you hear Spirit speak to you as you listen to them. May your mind be open to the abundance of the world we inhabit. And, most important, may your new-found prosperity be a blessing to all who come into your life.

There is more information at I hope this is a blessing to you.

Mark Hicks