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Ministry in the Digital Age Postcard (June 2017)

Ministry in the Digital Age postcard from TruthUnity

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You are a minister—and you have a ministry. Your ministry may be formal—speaking each Sunday on the platform—or it may be informal—conveying the truth you have come to know or rending the service you have been gifted to give. That is timeless.

What is different today is not the message, but rather the medium. So much of our interaction with others today is digital—via email, text messaging, Facebook, websites. Here are the four values that embody our work at TruthUnity—authenticity, depth, simplicity and being “organic”— based on the Parable of the Sower.

I will be speaking to these four values at the UWM Conference in June 2017. If you would like some help conveying your message in a digital world, call me. I’m happy to share my thoughts on what works in a digital world.

There is more information at I hope this is a blessing to you.

Mark Hicks

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