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Love Yourself Into Wholeness (May 2017)

Love Yourself Into Wholeness postcard from TruthUnity

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Frank Giudici has said that “all problems, challenges, or whatever we may choose to call them, stem from this one basic problem—the inability to love ourselves totally and unconditionally.”

While there may be many ways to overcome our inability to love ourselves, it may be that healing the parent wound is most effective. Furthermore, our generation may be the first in history to have a reasonable chance in overcoming unresolved pain regarding mom and dad.

On the flip side of this postcard is a resource that I have personally found to be very helpful. Frank and Martha Giudici were wise and wonderful people. My intention is to add more each year.

Set an intention this year between Mother's Day and Father's Day to heal the parent wound and to love yourself into wholeness.

I encourage each of us to set an intention between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to explore and identify any pains that may remain from our early childhood and to allow our Christ nature to lead us to wholeness through total and unconditional love.

There is more information at I hope this is a blessing to you.

Mark Hicks