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Metaphysical meaning of Zorathites (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zorathites (mbd)
Zorathites (in A. V., I Chron. 2:53, Zareathites), zo'–rath–ites (fr. Heb.).

Descendants of Shobal, of the tribe of Judah, and inhabitants of the city of Zorah (I Chron. 4:2).

Meta. Thoughts that are the result of new, high ideas' springing into consciousness and being energized by a realization of abundant life. These thoughts take root in substance (See SHOBAL) but are lacking in purity and in the harmonizing influence of divine love; therefore they have taken on more or less of the sharp, stinging, fearful character that Zorah suggests. (See ZORAH.) It may be, however, that, although these thoughts have entered into the Zorah state of consciousness in order to lift it up, they have not necessarily partaken of its characteristics.

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