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Metaphysical meaning of Spain (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Spain (mbd)
Spain, spain (Lat. fr. Gk.)--Hispania; the Iberian peninsula; rare; precious; abounding with conies; land of rabbits.

A country in Europe. In Paul's time it was a Roman province. Paul planned to make a visit there, since many Jews lived in Spain; we have no record, however, that he ever carried out his desire to take the gospel of Christ to Spain (Rom. 15:24, 28).

Meta. A state of thought relating to the animal phase of life in the individual consciousness (abounding with conies, land of rabbits; conies being small animals, a species of rabbit, that make their homes in the clefts of rocks).

This life consciousness, therefore, though seemingly animal and limited in its expression, is really founded in something that is very strong, even in Christ --a rock--and it has its impetus there. Hence when the individual awakens to the Truth about life he will perceive it to be very precious; he will look on it as something rare, of great excellence and worth, and will seek diligently to preserve it.

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