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Metaphysical meaning of Shephatiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shephatiah (mbd)
Shephatiah (in A. V., I Chron. 9:8, Shephathiah), sheph-a-ti-ah (Heb.)--Jehovah sets upright; Jehovah has judged; judgment of Jah; whom Jehovah defends; whose cause Jah pleads.

The name of several Israelitish men (II Sam. 3:4; I Chron. 12:5; 27:16; II Chron. 21:2; Ezra 2:4, 57; Jer. 38:1).

Meta. Divine judgment and adjustment active throughout the higher, truer thoughts and states of consciousness (Israelites) in the individual. The judgments of the Lord (ordinances of Jehovah) are not evil, but they are "true and righteous," and they abound in mercy and goodness (Jehovah sets upright, judgment of Jah, whom Jehovah defends).

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