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Metaphysical meaning of Rizpah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Rizpah (mbd)
Rizpah, riz-pah (Heb.)--hot stone (for baking); hearthstone; mosaic; variegated pavement; live coals.

A concubine of Saul's (II Sam. 3:7).

Meta. The intense desire and very intricate, determined working of the human soul to preserve in consciousness the thoughts and activities resulting from adverse- or personal-will crystallization that Rizpah signifies (hot stone, hearthstone, mosaic, variegated pavement, live coals). Rizpah was a concubine of Saul's. She showed great love and endurance in watching over the bodies of her two sons and five grandsons of Saul's for a long time and under very trying circumstances in order to save their bodies from the indignity of being torn to pieces and eaten by vultures and wild animals, after these men had been hung by the Gideonites, with David's permission, and had been left exposed. (See II Samuel 21:8-11.)

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