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Metaphysical meaning of Meraiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Meraiah (mbd)
Meraiah, me-ra'-iah (Heb.)--vision of Jah; revelation of Jah; rebellion against Jehovah.

A priest, of the house of Seraiah, in Joiakim's time (Neh. 12:12).

Meta. A natural religious tendency ruling in the higher thoughts of the consciousness of the awakening individual (a priest, of the "heads of fathers' houses"), that is open to the inspiration of the Christ mind (vision of Jah, revelation of Jah).

The thought of rebellion against Jehovah, which is suggested as a definition of Meraiah, shows that there is still something of the satanic characteristic in this religious tendency, and so a further lifting up or spiritualizing of it is in order.

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