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Metaphysical meaning of Maacathites (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Maacathites (mbd)
Maacathites (in A. V., Deuteronomy 3:14, Maachathi), må-ac'-a-thites (Heb.)--of or belonging to Maacah.

Some of the Maacathites were people of Maacah, or Beth-maacah, of the tribe of Naphtali; others were enemies of Israel. According to Fallows these latter were the people of the kingdom of Maacah, or Syria (Deut. 3:14; Josh. 12:5; II Sam. 23:34; II Kings 25:23).

Meta. Thoughts (people) of oppression and depression, belonging to the states of consciousness in us represented by the city of Maacah in Naphtali, and the kingdom of Maacah in Syria.

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