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Metaphysical meaning of En-shemesh (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of En-shemesh (mbd)
En-shemesh, en-she'-mesh (Heb.)--fountain of the sun; fount of glorious brilliance; fount of astonishment.

A place on the border of Judah, "and the border passed along to the waters of En-shemesh" (Josh. 15:7). Fallows says, "It is usually identified with the 'well of the Apostles,' about a mile and a half below or east of Bethany, on the road to Jericho."

Meta. The almost stupefying effect that the first entrance of the true Christ life and light (fountain of the sun, fount of glorious brilliance) into consciousness has upon the individual. Up to this time the individual has lived in sensate thought, and the light of Spirit is blinding (fount of astonishment) to the sense mind, just as gazing on the sun in its brilliance causes momentary blindness.

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