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Metaphysical meaning of Eliezer (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Eliezer (mbd)
Eliezer, e-h-e'-zer (Heb.)--God of help; God my help; God of succor; God is help.

a Abraham's servant, or steward, Eliezer of Damascus (Gen. 15:2). b The name of several Israelitish men (I Chron. 7:8; 15:24; 27:16; II Chron. 20:37; Ezra 8:16; 10:18, 23, 31; Luke 3:29). The last mentioned was one given in the genealogy of Jesus. Lazarus is a form of this name.

Meta. A belief in God as one's sustaining power, as the power that relieves one in distress and assists one to better conditions and to higher attainments (God my help God is help; see Exod. 18:4)

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