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Metaphysical meaning of Chezib (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Chezib (mbd)
Chezib, che'-z;b (Heb.) lying; false; fraudulent; deceitful; fallacious; false hopes, i.e., idols.

The place where Judah's wife, Shua the daughter of the Canaanite, gave birth to their third son, Shelah (Gen. 38:5). It is thought to be the same place as Achzib.

Meta. See ACHZIB.

This deceptive state of thought that Achzib and Chezib signify (deceitful, lying, false) lies deep within the elemental life forces of the individual (it was a Canaanitish city; see CANAANITES). It must be cleansed thoroughly of its error and deception, its double-minded, idolatrous belief in a power of evil as well as one of good, in order that the truth of the one life and the one God, good, may be established within its depths.

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