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Metaphysical meaning of Ben-deker (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ben-deker (mbd)
Ben-deker (A. V., the son of Dekar). ben-de'-ker (Heb.)--son of Deker; son of thrusting through; son of piercing; son of stabbing; i. e., a lancer; a swordsman; a stabber.

One of the commissary officers of King Solomon (I Kings 4:9).

Meta. The force or power of an active belief in omnipresent supply. This belief pierces error thoughts of limitation and the belief that the end of things (Makaz) is at hand. It destroys the sly thoughts of lack in consciousness (Shaalbim, meaning place of foxes). By the power of the true belief that it represents, the Ben-deker belief establishes hope (another meaning of Makaz), strength, grace (Elon-beth-hanan, and light (Beth-shemesh), that the household of Solomon (the consciousness of peace and wisdom) may be sustained. (Makaz Shaalbim, Elon-beth-hanan, and Beth-shemesh were the places in Israel from which Ben-deker was to gather food for Solomon's household for one month in each year.)

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