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Metaphysical meaning of Bakbukiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Bakbukiah (mbd)
Bakbukiah, bak-bu-kl'-ah (Heb.)--pouring out (wasting) from Jehovah; wasted by Jah; emptying, i. e., wasting, of Jehovah; destruction by Jehovah.

A Levite who had an office of responsibility in the Temple worship. He was "the second among his brethren" (Neh. 11:17). He was one of the "porters keeping the watch at the storehouses of the gates" (Neh. 12:25).

Meta. A thought of service to and worship of God. It is one of the thoughts that help to guard the consciousness against error (he was a porter who kept watch at the gates). It is of a destructive character, tearing down and casting out (emptying, wasting of Jehovah, destruction by Jehovah); it watches for evil and the results of evil, that it may rid the consciousness of them. To be on the constructive side, this thought that Bakbukiah represents would have to be watching for good only that it might aid in establishing the good. It is necessary in its place, however, for that which falls short of the divine perfection must be discerned, at least enough to be cast out. But error appearances should not be magnified and destructive thoughts should not be built up.

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